Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association Discounted Offers – Only the discount is provided by someone else!!

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Posted on 5 November 2008 at 09:57
The Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association (NICCSA) has approached Countryside Access and Activities Network (CAAN) with a fantastic promotional opportunity for your organisation.[/b]

NICSSA organise a series of events and discounted offers for their 12,000 members. These events and discounted offers are promoted via email and flyers to their members by their own Marketing and Events department. Previous events have included Christmas Pantomimes and Belfast Giants Games. In 2009 NICSSA are hoping to increase their range of events to include outdoor activities.

[b]What NICSSA require:[/b]

Scheduled Outdoor Activity Events which your organisation regularly organises for the general public which NICSSA members can book onto as either individuals or small groups i.e. these events will not be set up specifically for NICSSA members. E.g:

o A family fun day held once a month
o A canoeing session held every Saturday morning

We realise that you will not have your event dates and prices set for 2009 at this stage. However in order to progress this initiative I would ask you to complete the attached form indicating what events could be offered in 2009 with an indicatory price. You will not be held to this price but it will allow NICSSA consider which events and prices will suit their members. Final dates and prices for your events should be made available by the end of February 2009 so they can be promoted to NICCSA members.

[b]What NICSSA will do for you:[/b]

o Promote your event via email and flyers to their 12,000 members
o Offer a discounted rate to their members
o For example if your event costs £10pp – NICSSA may offer it to their members at £8pp.
o You will receive the full amount i.e. £10pp i.e. NICSSA provide the discount not you.
o Act as a central booking office for their members
o Their members will book and pay onto your event via NICCSA office
o NICSSA office will confirm availability and booking with you
o They will provide their members with a voucher to be presented to you on arrival as proof of payment for the event
o They will pay you on receipt of an invoice for the number of members who attended your event. You will be paid for the number of people who booked rather than the number who turn up. This means you will not be the victim of no-shows.

As NICSSA are providing access to their 12,000 members and absorbing any marketing and communication costs they are asking you to consider offering an incentive price to their members. For Example:

It the activity normally cost £10pp you could offer it to NICSSA at £9pp who could then add their discount to members offering the activity for £7pp

[b]CAAN involvement:

CAAN will only be a communication facilitator in this process. CAAN involvement is simply to present the marketing opportunity to the members of the Activity Tourism Programme. All forms including events and prices should be submitted to CAAN who will then correlate and present to NICSSA. NICSSA will choose events that are the most appropriate for their members. All service level agreements and contract should be agreed between NICSSA and the event organizers.

I hope you agree this is a fantastic opportunity to promote your events to the domestic market and I look forward to receiving your offers.

In the first instance if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
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