Altnadue Climbing Facility Re-Opened

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Jayne Woodrow
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Posted on 18 May 2018 at 10:45
Sport NI is pleased to announce that the majority of works at Altnadue Quarry are completed and it was officially re-opened on Monday 14th May 2018.

Sport NI welcomes groups under competent and qualified instruction as well as individual climbers to now come and use the facility. There is enhanced parking, picnic tables, a frame for a shelter that a tarp can be rigged up on as well as new belay posts and chains.

This fabulous facility will create new opportunities for climbers who have trained indoors to progress to traditional climbing in the outdoors.

However, the top abseil is still closed as some anchor bolts need to be fitted into the slab at the top of the abseil. This has been marked clearly as closed on site. It should be completed soon and be fully functional.
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