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Jayne Woodrow
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Posted on 16 November 2018 at 11:41
Your business listing on OutdoorNI.com feeds through to Discovernorthernireland.com and then onto Ireland.com - the largest tourism websites in Ireland. This means you are getting both domestic and international coverage from this one listing on OutdoorNI.com.

To ensure your business is benefitting from exposure on Discovernorthernireland.com and Ireland.com and to increase enquiries from visitors we are recommending activity providers review their listing on OutdoorNI.com and amend to be a more visitor focused, engaging listing to entice visitors.

To entice visitors to your business your listing should:
• Inspire visitors to make an enquiry/booking
• Use language to attract your key visitor segments - https://tourismni.com/Grow-Your-Business/know-your-customer/markets-and-segments/
• Give an overview of the outdoor activities you offer
• Be specific of pick-up points for tours
• Provide information for the corporate market at the end of your listing (if applicable) as this information will not appeal to the visitor market – i.e. corporate days and team building days.

Bad Example:
Outdoor Adventures specialises in providing outdoor activities and team building days in Northern Ireland. We deliver tailor made activity packages and courses to corporate clients, as well as to small businesses, adult groups, youth groups, schools, community groups and individuals.

Good Example:
Outdoor Adventures are all about getting outdoors, spending quality time with family and friends and having more fun than ever felt possible! We offer a range of outdoor activities for all ages and abilities making our venue the perfect way to explore the outdoors! Come along with your family, spend a day out with your mates or celebrate a special occasion in a unique way!

There are over 20 action packed activities available at Outdoor Adventures including….

To amend your listing please follow the instructions below:
• Log onto your trade account
• Amend your ‘Services Offered’ text using more visitor focused language - a good and bad example is provided above
• Submit good quality high resolution images in landscape format - landscape images look better on Discovernorthernireland.com, they are restricted to a total of 9 images
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