Advisory Task Group on Improved Engagement of SMEs in the Employment and Skills Arena

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chris scott
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Posted on 9 November 2009 at 09:59
Hi All,

Please see note below from Skills Active re DELNI questionnaire.

The questionnaire is available to download from the red link at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this please contact Siobhan Weir - contact details below.

Kind Regards,

Chris Scott

4 November 2009

Dear Employer

Advisory Task Group on Improved Engagement of SMEs in the Employment and Skills Arena

Bill McGinnis, the NI Skills Advisor, has established an Advisory Task Group to investigate and make recommendations about SMEs engagement with government’s Employment and Skills Programmes. SkillsActive has been invited to distribute the attached short call for evidence to employers in our sector.

In simple terms, this questionnaire is asking you if are aware of existing Government funded programmes, if you make use of them and ideas on how best to improve and promote these schemes.

I would be grateful if you could forward your comments to adviser@niaes.co.uk and s.weir@skillsactive.com by Tuesday 17th November

The objective is to collate responses and use the feedback to offer recommendations to Bill McGinnis who will take them to the Department for Employment & Learning (DELNI) Minister, Sir Reg Empey. The Task Group aims to complete its work by March 2010.

I can’t emphasise enough the influence Bill McGinnis has within DELNI so it would be great if you could even feedback on one or two of the questions if you’re short of time.

If you wish to talk through any of the above, please feel free to ring me.


Siobhan Weir
SkillsActive NI Manager
SkillsActive Sector Skills Council for the Active Leisure & Learning Industry
SkillsActive Northern Ireland Office
C/o South Eastern Regional College
1 Castlewellan Road
County Down
BT33 0UR
E-Mail: s.weir@skillsactive.com
Tel: +Tel: Admin Office: +44 (0)28 437 51006
Tel: NI Manager 07841323512
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