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chris scott
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Posted on 9 December 2009 at 16:03
NITB Spring Campaign

The NITB Destination Marketing Team has contacted CAAN to assist in the recruitment of the activity trade for the forthcoming NITB Spring Campaign.

Please read this email carefully to find out how you can get involved in this fantastic promotional opportunity.


NITB will be running a major marketing campaign targeting both the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland markets for the spring 2010 period. The campaign will aim to encourage residents of both markets to visit Northern Ireland for a short break during the months of January to May 2010.

The campaign will build on the success of NITB’s campaign in 2009 and will continue to focus on the ‘explore more’ proposition. Through this NITB are seeking to highlight all that is unique and special about a short break in Northern Ireland. Our most recent piece of evaluation, for our summer campaign, showed some really positive findings. For every £1 NITB spent, £13 was generated back into the local tourism industry, while 89% of people surveyed felt that the campaign demonstrated Northern Ireland was worth a visit.

Given the current financial climate NITB are keen to exploit the huge potential that exists in both the domestic and ROI markets. 2009 has already seen huge growth from these markets and NITB want to sustain this momentum into 2010 and beyond. Between January and June 2009, holiday visitors from the ROI market increased by 41%, while domestic short breaks increased by 45% during the months of July and August ’09.


It is essential that the campaign highlights value for money and on that basis CAAN are looking for short breaks and offers to present to NITB.

There is an excellent range of short breaks and offers currently available on OutdoorNI.com and CAAN propose to forward NITB details of:

• Short breaks that have been uploaded since 28th October 2009
• Relevant / Applicable offers that have been uploaded since 28th October 2009

As these short breaks and offers will be used to support NITB campaigns, it is essential they are maintained for the duration of the period – therefore all short breaks and offers must be valid between 1st January 2009 and 31st May 2009. Any exclusion for bank holidays etc will need to be advised of in advance.

Already uploaded a short break or offer?

If you have already uploaded a short break or offer to OutdoorNI.com after the 28th October then CAAN will automatically forward this to NITB.

We are therefore assuming that these short breaks and offers are valid between 1st January 2009 and 31st May 2009. Unless your terms and conditions state otherwise.

If do not wish for your short breaks or offers to be presented to NITB then please email chris@countrysiderecreation.com clearly indicating the name of the short break or offer that you wish not to be included.

Not uploaded a short break or offer?

If you have not yet uploaded any details to OutdoorNI.com then you have until Wednesday 16th December 2009 to do so to be added to the NITB list.

Please ensure they comply to terms and conditions mentioned above


NITB and CAAN will be combining efforts on PR activity throughout the spring; this will include competitions in press, radio and on NITB’s consumer website. This is where exciting opportunities exist for you to publicise your business to a large audience for very little cost and effort!

Please send through any ideas that you have for competition prizes. Where possible we would ask that those providers offering competition prizes send us a voucher for the prize.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Remember also that if you wish to have your activity short break considered for OutdoorNI’s Holiday World activity break flyer please upload these by 4pm Thursday 11th December

Kind Regards,

Chris Scott

Activity Tourism Manager
Countryside Access and Activities Network
The Stableyard, Malone Road
Barnett's Demesne

Direct Line: 02890 306 940
Reception: 02890 303 930


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