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chris scott
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Posted on 20 January 2010 at 16:44
Hi All,

BBC Learning is joining forces with BBC One and a range of external partners to deliver a brand new, action packed adventure campaign: Dropzone. See below for more information. Also available to download from the red link at the bottom of this page is DropZone ThrillSeeker Partner Information containing information of how to upload your events to the website.

Kind Regards

Chris Scott
Activity Tourism Manager
DD: 02890 306 940

BBC Drop Zone

1. To help thousands of individuals and families across the UK experience an adventure activity with a particular focus on people trying such activities for the first time.

2. To ensure, by campaign end, more people are confident and knowledgeable enough to progress their interest and engage in adventure on an ongoing basis.


The public will be encouraged to log onto the DropZone website at:
www.bbc.co.uk/dropzone via calls to action in each:

1. DropZone programme (launching mid-January, 2010 for six weeks –
exact date tbc / BBC One, Wednesday, 8-9pm – tbc)

2. Countryfile programme (ongoing after DropZone ends until
campaign close / BBC One, Sunday, 7-8pm)

The website will enable people to:

1. Search for adventure near them, using the DropZone ThrillSeeker – a comprehensive database of partner activities across the UK

2. Access the DropZone A to Z Glossary for an extensive list of activities, links and information.

Activities will be tiered according to their perceived level of difficulty –
Green = Easy
Blue = Adventurous
Red = Adrenaline Rush
Black = Extreme
Grey = Long-term Legacy

3. Enter the AdventureZone – crammed with downloadable goodies and ideas

We are asking partners to provide one or both of the following to support public engagement:

Run activities
From January, 2010 through to June 2010.
Partners can run activities that form part of an existing portfolio.
They can also be run on an ad-hoc rather or continuous basis. All we ask is that:

• Adventure and fun is a key element
• Partners register their activities on the ThrillSeeker
• Events meet our key criteria e.g. they are free (or run at cost recovery), partners oversee all health and safety requirements and provide us with basic evaluation e.g. numbers of attendees.

Note: A full list of criteria will be available on the ThrillSeeker OR directly from dropzone.feedback@bbc.co.uk. Please put T&Cs in the subject line.

1. Promote the campaign
By newsletter, on your website, in press releases etc. We really don’t mind and are happy to provide text, images and logo. Note: We do need to sign-off text before it goes live.

Searchable by postcode and theme, this database will contain details about all your activities. During the campaign period we will be actively promoting the ThrillSeeker. By registering your events you will not only maximise the chances of audiences finding them, but you’ll also benefit from the ability to promote your own organisation and input links directly back to your own websites.

Note: Activities can be uploaded from early December (exact date – tbc). In the meantime, if you have any technical questions or you want more info about how you can register, please email:
dropzone.feedback@bbc.co.uk with ThrillSeeker in the subject line.

We’re keeping these simple because we believe the experiences that people have at our partner’s activities will provide the real stimulus for getting involved. With that in mind, we will provide:

1. The DropZone Adventure pocket guide - available as a hardcopy or downloadable from the DropZone website. This will contain:
• Intro to the DropZone programme/campaign and Countryfile
• Information about the benefits of getting active and adventurous
• Nine simple, family focused activities that the public can try at
home or away
• An A to Z Glossary, containing a list of additional activities and
associated partner website links
2. 2. A range of downloadable activity sheets – accessible via the website, these will compliment those contained in the pocket guide.
3. Empty-belly e-posters – These can be edited to contain your own event information.
Note: The e-posters will be available in December. The pocket guide will be ready for distribution after New Year.

It’s easy:
1. Let us know if you have activities you wish to run – we can then discuss these with you and provide support to get them registered on the ThrillSeeker.
2. Tell us about the ways you could promote the campaign
Once we know who is running what and when we will provide promotion and resources to support your activities from the start of January, 2010.


David Reid
BBC Learning
Stockman House
39-42 Bedford Street
Tel: 02890 338 834
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