DETI Draft Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2020

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chris scott
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Posted on 26 February 2010 at 10:32
Hi all,

NITB has just sent me a note to highlight the:

DETI Draft Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2020 is now open for consultation see www.detini.gov.uk . Its on home page.

As DETI are running the consultation exercise all responses to be made to DETI Tourism Policy branch with a 12 week consultation period.

Comments from NITB:

-This is not NITB’s strategy. We will be making our own response and defining our role as an organization in delivering key elements of the strategy

-Therefore the strategy is owned by DETI and all queries/feedback should be directed to Tourism Policy branch.

-DETI propose to hold a series of regional consultation events during April/May. These ‘road shows’ will be held in Armagh, Ballymena, Belfast, Enniskillen, Londonderry and Omagh. Final arrangements not yet made.

Also see DETI press release on http://www.nitb.com/DocumentPage.aspx?path=b019d219-34a1-48eb-8e21-900525c4e543,b863bc15-f1a4-4c29-bb52-0a82ba59257c,4870b6cb-ec7f-4a61-8cae-027c591c188b,e9b114e8-954e-4116-b1e7-3ed032cb74bd

The Activity Tourism Working will be formulating a response on behalf of the Activity Tourism Forum.

ATF members are of course welcome to respond to the consultation themeselves however I would encourage you to send any comments via email to me so the working group can consider them before making a response.

Kind Regards,

Chris Scott

Activity Tourism Manager
Countryside Access and Activities Network (CAAN)

Direct Line: 02890 306 940
Reception: 02890 303 930

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