NITB Summer Campaign - Reminder Activity Breaks Required - Urgent Deadline 17th May

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Posted on 13 May 2010 at 08:48
NITB Summer Campaign

Reminder Actiivty Breaks Required - Urgent Deadline 17th May

The NITB Destination Marketing Team has contacted CAAN to assist in the recruitment of the activity trade for the forthcoming NITB Summer Campaign.

Please read this email carefully to find out how you can get involved in this fantastic promotional opportunity.


NITB will be investing £1.5m in a concerted marketing drive this summer in both the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (ROI) markets. The series of campaigns will aim to encourage residents of Northern Ireland and ROI as well as international visitors to ROI to visit Northern Ireland for a short break during the summer months.

The campaigns will build on the success of recent marketing activity and again utilise the ‘explore more’ proposition. Through this NITB are seeking to highlight all that is unique and special about a short break in Northern Ireland. The most recent piece of evaluation, for the autumn ‘09 campaign, showed some really positive findings. For every £1 NITB spent £11 was generated back into the local tourism industry, while 88% of people surveyed felt that the campaign demonstrated Northern Ireland was worth a visit.

The Northern Ireland and ROI markets offer huge potential. 2009 has already seen huge growth from these markets and NITB want to sustain this momentum into 2010 and beyond. Between January and September 2009, there was a 52% growth in holiday trips from ROI and Northern Ireland residents took 35% more short breaks at home.


It is essential that the campaign highlights value for money and on that basis CAAN is looking for themed short breaks (i.e. Activity Breaks) to present to NITB.

Themed Breaks

In addition to standard short break offers NITB are keen to recruit themed breaks which enhance the Northern Ireland experience. These breaks will feature on NITB website, and while not bookable on-line, they will direct consumers to the relevant website for more information or to book.

To this end NITB are requesting, themed breaks such as:

• Activity Breaks e.g. walking, adventure, cycling and canoeing
• Festival Breaks e.g. Mourne International Walking Festival, Sperrins Walking Festival

These are purely suggestions and any other specific themed breaks are welcome.**

These breaks will be used to support NITB campaigns, therefore it is essential that the breaks are maintained for the duration of the campaign – all breaks must be valid between 1st June 2010 and 31st August 2010. Any exclusion for bank holidays etc will need to be advised of in advance.

N.B. Closing date for offer submission is Monday 17th May 2010 – see below.

How to get involved?

Step 1
Upload new short breaks via your trade login on OutdoorNI.com^^


Update current short breaks to ensure they are applicable for 1st June 2010 to 31st August time period.

N.B. If you have previously uploaded walking breaks during 2010 - then please DO NOT alter these, as they are currently being used within another CAAN campaign.

However, please feel free to upload further walking breaks if required.

Step 2
Complete the Excel spreadsheet – Activity Offers Sheet only (which is available to download from the red link at the bottom of this email)^^

Step 3
Save and email the completed Excel spreadsheet to chris@countrysiderecreation.com

Guidance Notes:
Earlier this year CAAN provided guidance notes for compiling activity short breaks. These are avaialble to download from the OutdoorNI.com on-line trade forum.


^^If you have forgotten your Username and Password then please do not hesitate to contact me.


NITB and CAAN will be combining efforts on PR activity throughout the summer; this will include competitions in press, radio and on NITB’s consumer website. This is where exciting opportunities exist for you to publicise your business to a large audience for very little cost and effort!

Please send through any ideas that you have for competition prizes. Where possible we would ask that those providers offering competition prizes send us a voucher for the prize.

If you have any questions or queries or require any assistance with submitting an activity break then please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind Regards

Chris Scott
Activity Tourism Manager
02890 306 940

** Please note, NITB or CAAN will not be responsible for the sale or organisation of these breaks. All responsibilities lie with the individual supplier / organiser.
Excel Spreadsheet
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