Facebook Photo Competition for National Trails Day

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chris armstrong
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Posted on 22 September 2010 at 13:15
CAAN, alongside colleagues in the Republic of Ireland, are coordinating and promoting 150+ events throughout the whole island of Ireland this National Trails Day (October 3rd 2010). 50 of these events will be in Northern Ireland. See http://www.nationaltrailsday.co.uk for more information.

To encourage interaction with participants across Ireland CAAN have launched a facebook photographic competition whereby people can upload their personal photos of their chosen event to the National Trails Day 2010 facebook group.

Participants will be encouraged to visit the facebook group page and enter the competition in ALL of the event packs on the day and in post event corresspondence.

CAAN are asking for activity providers to offer an experiencial day out as a prize for what local explorer Hannah Shields deems to be the best photo sent in. The successful activity provider will, as a result, gain generous promotion through this facebook photographic competition.

We ask that this experience is worth at least £100 and is suitable for a minimum of 4 people. Please send any potential prizes through to Chris at c.armstrong@countrysiderecreation.com.

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