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chris scott
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Posted on 2 November 2010 at 08:51
CanoeNI.com will be re-launched by Wednesday 1st November so it is important that you act NOW to update your information. No information from the previous website has been retained so you will have no presence on the new version unless you update your info.

The purpose of the redesign is to react to feedback from the On-line Paddlers Survey. An online survey carried out between 4th March and 13th November 2009 with users of the websites CanoeNI.com and cani.org.uk to provide comprehensive information on the paddling that takes place on Northern Ireland’s waters and on people who participate in paddling. The research report is available to download from http://www.countrysiderecreation.com/publications/research-reports/

But don’t worry you don’t have to read the whole report. We have outlined the recommendations and actions point relevant to you below.

All actions can be carried out via your trade log in on OutdoorNI.com see http://trade.outdoorni.com/Login.aspx

If you have forgotten your Username and Password please do not hesitate to contact me.

First Step - Update your canoeing profile
Your canoeing profile is separate to your OutdoorNI.com profile and is only displayed on CanoNI.com

Click on My Profile / view edit my profile then complete ‘Description of canoeing services’

Recommendation 1 – Increase prominence of Canoe Hire on CanoeNI.com

Canoe hire was the lowest rated aspect in the survey – frustrations included:
-Lack of clarity re pricing and what is included within hire
-Lack of clarity re prerequisites required for hire
-Prerequisites for hire are too stringent

What can you do:
-Canoe Hire will now be available on both Canoe NI home page and from each canoe trail pages.
-Canoeing providers need to upload details of your canoe hire service for each trail – each trail has to be uploaded separately and you are restricted to one entry per trail.
-Click on MY Activity Ideas / Add new Canoe Hire Entry
Follow the instructions by clicking on ‘?’ symbol beside each field

Recommendation 2 – Include more option for beginners / less experienced paddlers including overnight stays

There is a strong desire for a structured ‘Have a go’ section and Guided Trips section

What can you do:
-A new ‘have a go section will be available on CanoeNI.com

Have a go events
-Follow the instructions for uploading an event in ‘OutdoorNI.com User Guide – -How to get the Best out of OutdoorNI.com’
-When uploading an event that only involves canoeing and appeals to those trying canoeing for this first time be sure to tick the box – ‘ This is a canoeing have a go event’

Canoeing Courses
-Canoeing courses should no longer be uploaded in the event section. There will be a separate section for these.
-Click on My Events / Add new canoeing course.
-Follow the instructions by clicking on ‘?’ symbol beside each field

Guided Trips
This was clearly highlighted in the research as an area of improvement.

You can now upload up to guided trip entries per canoe trail – these can range from 1-5 day trips.

-Click on My Activity Ideas / Add new canoe guided trip
-Follow the instructions by clicking on ‘?’ symbol beside each field
-In order to ensure high quality information is provided to the consumer - guidance notes on the minimum requirements for guided trips and examples are available in Section B 5 of the OutdoorNI.com User Guide

I look forward to receiving your information. If you have any questions or queries regarding updating your information on CanoeNI.com then please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to provide assistance.

Kind Regards,

Chris Scott

Activity Tourism Manager
Countryside Access and Activities Network (CAAN)

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