Venture Outdoors - 5 new tenders available - submission deadline Wednesday 1st December 2010

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Posted on 5 November 2010 at 10:48
Venture Outdoors – Creating Healthy Communities

In 2009, CAAN secured funding from the Big Lottery and Ulster Garden Villages to deliver a three year project, Venture Outdoors – Creating Healthy Communities which evolved from the ‘Barriers to Participation’ research (CAAN, 2008). You can download this research document from - http://www.countrysiderecreation.com/downloads/Barriers%20to%20Participation%20Final%20Document.pdf)

The research found that if people with disabilities, including people with limited mobility, learning disabilities, hearing and visual impairments; people from minority ethnic communities and people living within areas of disadvantage or social need, were to frequent the outdoors, they needed support to identify what was available and possible for them to avail of in their local area.

Consequently, CAAN is now seeking applications from experienced Service/Activity Providers to provide six outdoor recreation taster sessions for the above mentioned groups.

The taster sessions will range in activities, however all will include walking and when feasible cycling. All sessions should reflect the best that their local area can offer and demonstrate the outdoor possibilities to all involved. The goal is to create positive experiences that once engaged individuals will want to experience again and use the outdoor recreation outlets in their locality more often. In this instance there are five tender applications for taster sessions to be rolled out in 2011.

- 026, Belfast, submission date: 12 Noon 1st December 2010

- 027, Londonderry, submission date: 12 Noon 1st December 2010

- 028, Belfast, submission date: 12 Noon 1st December 2010

- 029, Dungannon, submission date: 12 Noon 1st December 2010

- 030, Ballymena, submission date: 12 Noon 1st December 2010

Tender applications and guidance notes to support completion of the tenders can be downloaded from http://www.countrysiderecreation.com/tenders/

Kind Regards
Sharon Donnelly
Venture Outdoors
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Barnett's Demesne
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07564 349011

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