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beverley pierson
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Posted on 12 November 2010 at 10:52
Hi All,

BBC Thrillseeker are looking for new and existing partners to upload any activities that could contribute to their database including watersports, air and land adventure activities. See below for more information.

Kind Regards
Beverley Pierson

ThrillSeeker Team

Our autumn publicity currently includes
-backing by the new Steve Backshall fronted CBBC series, Live ‘n’ Deadly.

-Dropzone [a programme about adventure activity to partner the ThrillSeeker campaign] is scheduled to broadcast from 21st November, BBC One

-Fortnightly promotion through BBC One’s Countryfile.

The campaign is running until December 2010 so we are looking for new and existing partners to upload any activities that could contribute to our database up to this date including watersports, air and land adventure activities.

This is going to be the strongest promotion the campaign sees so we’re expecting a good uptake of activities and at present the programmes are encouraging people to visit the website.

We would like to invite you to upload your activities to the database. Uploading is simple but if you have any difficulty with the instructions [included and below] you can simply fill in the ‘Dropzone activity form’ spreadsheet and email it back to us. There is some urgency to benefit from features on selected activities as Live ‘n’ Deadly is currently broadcasting.

ThrillSeeker Event Finder

We’re asking partner organisations to run events/activities to support public engagement and register them on our partner interface. Events/activities do not have to be new, existing ones are fine as long as they meet our criteria:-

* Adventure and fun are key elements

* Events/activities are free or run on a cost recovery basis (eg introductory taster sessions)

* Activities are graded by target group (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

* Dates fall between current date and December 2010

* Partners provide us with a basic evaluation after each event (numbers of attendees) and mention the campaign in any newsletters, websites, press releases – we’ll provide text and images.

Here are the full terms and conditions. You will be required to sign up to these online when you submit your information or to agree them with us if you would like us to enter your information on your behalf.


As you’ll appreciate, ensuring Health and Safety of those participating in activities is a crucial part of this campaign. You are responsible for overseeing all the health and safety requirements of any activities that you register on the database.

This is the current list of suitable activities - http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/thrillseeker/activity_guide.pdf

Activities do need to be cost recovery (ie. not for profit) and we require valid accreditation with a recognised regulatory body (eg. AALA, Adventuremark, Clubmark or designated national governing body). Please clarify what form your accreditation takes and denote a membership no. Commercial activity providers have either offered a promotional taster session at not-for-profit fee or have asked anyone who hears about their activity through ThrillSeeker to quote a code on booking to receive a reduced rate. You may wish to implement one of these options.

Strict editorial guidelines also prohibit links to any web pages with overt commercial advertising or sponsorship– including banners, etc. so we would ask the website link you offer to be to a suitable web page (often an ‘About us’ page) without any commercial advertising. If you are not able to do this (eg. Your website template is made of banners) your centre name and activity and contact details are all still available through ThrillSeeker and being plugged by a site publicised through popular programming so it is still worth uploading your activities and you will still benefit from being included.

Promotion and Resources

During the campaign period we are actively promoting ThrillSeeker so registering your events will help you to reach new people. We can provide resources such as:-

* Adventure pocket guides which contain an introduction to the programme and campaign

- Information about activities and the benefits of getting active and adventurous

- Nine easy, family-focused mini-adventure activity ideas, with the emphasis on younger children.

* Downloadable activity sheets – accessible via the website after launch, these will compliment those contained in the pocket guide.

* E-posters - empty belly and full versions are available in English and Welsh. The empty belly versions can be edited to contain your own event information. Please note: Posters should not be used to promote activities that are not listed on the ThrillSeeker.

To order resources, please send an email to thrillseeker.feedback@bbc.co.uk, putting 'Resources' in the subject field.


Here are three steps to access the system and upload your information:- 1. If you don’t already have one, you need to create a Google account. Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/ Use the link on the right to create a new account.

2 Then go to https://www.dzpartners.org.uk/cms/ - on the first login screen put in the following partner login information:-

Username: dropzonepartner

Password: 4adventure

(NB these are case sensitive).

3 Then on the second login screen, enter your personal Google account username and password.

When you login, you'll find links to help information (on the top right of the browser window) and an event form to fill out (on the left). There are also FAQs on this website:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/thrillseeker/partners_faq/


Next calls to action for ThrillSeeker will be:

Call to action: Each time we get a mention on the programme the website stats increase dramatically, so it really does provide a great opportunity to get your activities noticed.

With this in mind, please continue to register ALL your activities as ongoing promotion has been secured until end of October (and potentially beyond).

Website: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006t0bv

· Live 'n' Deadly

Activities featuring over the next two weeks:

- 13 November - Camping and bird watching/birds of prey Call to action: Please do still keep registering your activities on the Event Finder. Activities related to broadcast content particularly welcome.

Website: www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/livendeadly. Encouraging audiences to get involved via an embedded search box. Also promoted on-air.


Launches 21 November -26 December, BBC One.

Presented by Steve Jones, BBC One’s new six by 60 minute adventure series Drop Zone sees eight teams face the adventure of a lifetime as they compete in a series of global challenges that will push their mental and physical agility to the limit.

The knockout race starts in Scotland's Isle of Skye, where the teams are dropped in to begin their first challenge. From here on in, it's a battle against time, each other and the environment. Their mission: don’t come last or the Drop Zone chopper will leave you behind.

Tasks include everything from canoeing, swimming, walking and trekking to raft building, ploughing a field using water buffalo and chewing through piles of Turkish delight...AND all before the chopper arrives!

Only team work, stamina and sheer mental determination will get them successfully through the Drop Zone.

Call to action: The programme will feature a short film about ThrillSeeker, with a call to action for audiences to use the Event Finder. As a result, it would be great to have as many of your adventure / outdoor activities in there as possible. All types welcome. ThrillSeeker has been extended to end of December to support the show, so please register activities that are happening up to and including December 31st.

Any questions or problems uploading, contact the ThrillSeeker team at: thrillseeker.feedback@bbc.co.uk


Pocket guides not many left, order yours via email: thrillseeker.feedback@bbc.co.uk. Please put RESOURCES in the subject line.

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