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chris scott
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Posted on 18 November 2011 at 11:41
Hi all,

Please find details on a useful promotional opportunity with Tourism Ireland:

Dear Tourism Partner

The eyes of the world will be fixed on Northern Ireland in 2012 and in order to maximise the tourism potential for 2012 and beyond Tourism Ireland plan a huge push at all overseas trade and consumer promotions for the island of Ireland beginning in the first quarter. Thanks to funding made available from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Tourism Ireland will be bringing industry from Northern Ireland to man Northern Ireland 2012 desks at over 25 events throughout the world.

Details of the Northern Ireland Industry Overseas Activation Programme (NIIOAP) are detailed below and today, I invite you to send your expression of interest to get involved. The large representation of Northern Ireland industry at the Tourism Ireland stand at World Travel Market recently was extremely welcome and essential in the highly competitive global marketplace. This programme hopes to build on this success to showcase Northern Ireland as an exciting, vibrant destination at many more trade and consumer promotions.
Tourism Ireland has been working hard throughout 2011 to keep Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland ‘top of mind’ for people around the world who can be persuaded to take a holiday or short break overseas. The recently announced growth in overseas visitor numbers of +11% for the first half of the year is welcome news indeed for everyone in the tourism industry in Northern Ireland; and the associated growth in overseas tourism revenue of +24% is particularly good news.

2012 will be a busy and rewarding time for Northern Ireland and a major opportunity for tourism with an exciting programme of events and the completion of iconic new attractions like Titanic Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre. Over the next year, Tourism Ireland will invest millions of pounds in the most extensive programme of marketing activity ever undertaken for Northern Ireland around the world and we now invite you to get involved.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Niall Gibbons
Chief Executive

Northern Ireland Industry Overseas Activation Programme

Tourism Ireland will have a dedicated NI2012 desk at a series of fairs, workshops and events throughout GB, Europe, North America, Australia and Developing Markets. The list is still being finalised but includes ITB, Berlin; Flavours of Ireland US; UAE Sales Mission and MAP Paris. These desks will be manned by Northern Ireland Tourism Industry partners.

Who is eligible to participate?
Participants must have involvement in the tourism industry in Northern Ireland in the widest sense but preference will be given to those with an actual tourism business in Northern Ireland.

Preference will be given to language speakers for the European events and may be eligible to attend more than one event should there not be sufficient language speakers available.

In general, industry will only be allowed participate once in the programme.

Places will be filled to best match market requirements i.e. industry that are most suited to the show and can best generate business for Northern Ireland will be invited to participate in the first instance. Places on this programme are limited so will be filled on a first come first served basis having regard to the matching criteria above.

There are no guarantees that all expressions of interest will receive a place on the programme.
What is covered for participants:

A full briefing will be given in advance of travel

Return economy class flight

A payment of the cost of hotel and 3 meals a day for the duration of the event. These are set rates used by the public sector.

Payments will be made retrospectively.

Industry will be part of the NI2012 team at each event and promote Northern Ireland rather than overtly promoting their individual businesses.
Please note:

Industry will be part of the NI2012 team at each event and promote Northern Ireland rather than overtly promoting their individual businesses.

How to get involved - fill in the application at the following link:

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helen donnelly
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Posted on 21 November 2011 at 11:58
When is the closing date for submission of applications?

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