Water Environment Community Awards - £1000 grant prize

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chris scott
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Posted on 7 December 2011 at 14:41

Please find information below on the NIEA Water Environment Community Awards. These will provide a great opportunity for an outdoor activity provider or club to win funding to demonstrate how important our water environment is to us all.

Kind Regards,

Chris Scott
Activity Tourism Manager


Have you a project that spreads the word about how important our water environment is to all of us? Will it inspire others to help protect and improve the quality of our water environment? Will your project involve the local community? If so, you should enter!

For a bit of inspiration, why not check out the 2011 winning projects on: http://blog.ni-environment.gov.uk/digitaldiscoveries/?page_id=149

The awards are open to any groups based within our nine River Basin Catchment Stakeholder Group areas in Northern Ireland http://www.ni-environment.gov.uk/water-home/wfd/public_partic_3/catchment_stakeholder_groups.htm

There are nine awards and each recipient will receive £1000 to help implement their project.

We want you to help us encourage the wider public to look after our water environment, by sharing your knowledge and stories, using communications tools such as social networking platforms and on-line media.

Examples of projects could include:

A poster campaign to promote the dangers of water pollution
An exhibition to highlight the importance of our water environment, why we should value it and what we can do to help protect it
A litter clean up event involving the local community
A blog highlighting a particular problem facing your local water environment

All applications must be received by noon on 31 January 2012.

To request an information pack email waterinfo@doeni.gov.uk or call (028) 9262 3004.

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