OutdoorNI.com March E-Marketing Campaign

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Posted on 5 March 2012 at 17:01
OutdoorNI.com is planning its marketing campaign for March 2012.

The Target Markets will be Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Marketing Activity Taking Place:

At least 5 e-newsletters:
Week Commencing 5th March
NI&ROI: NI Adventureland Weekend

Week Commencing 12th March
NI&ROI: St Patricks Day – events and deas/ Mother’s Day Events - Ideas/Gift Vouchers /Adventureland Weekend

Week commencing 19th March
NI: Adventureland Weekend
ROI: Adventureland/Easter – Events and Ideas

Week commencing 26th March
NI &ROI: Adventureland follow up/ Easter Events/Ideas

Adventureland Weekend – Family events and Fun with Friends
Top Easter Family Adventures

Ongoing Facebook and Twitter Campaign

Upload events and activity ideas for St Patricks Day and Mother’s Day as soon as possible. Events and Ideas that provide clear details with strong images will have a better chance of being selected to feature in e-zines and blogs. Also keep in mind it won’t be long until we are promoting Easter events!

Upload Gift Vouchers for Mothers’ Day. If you choose to upload a voucher for Mothers’ Day please make sure you target the appropriate market (e.g. female, families) in the blurb and provide a suitable image i.e. a ‘for Her’ voucher should have an image of a female participating in the activity. Again the gift vouchers that follow the best practice guidelines http://forum.outdoorni.com/Thread.aspx?ID=259 will have a better chance of being selected to feature in the e-zines and blogs.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the above please contact:

Sarah Nelson
Marketing Intern – CAAN
02890 303930

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