Adventure Travel World Summit - Killarney - October 6th - 9th 2014

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chris scott
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Posted on 3 June 2014 at 13:02
Hi all,

For your information the Adventure Travel Summit is being held in Killarney, Co.Kerry on October 6th-9th 2014.

The Adventure Trade Travel Association's (ATTA) annual summit offers a supportive business climate, emphasis on locally driven tourism strategies, and progressive signature product development and rebranding initiatives.

More than 650 delegates from around the globe will gather to learn, be inspired and connect more deeply with the $263 billion adventure travel sector. The summit will allow ATTA to deliver innovative leadership programs focusing on business competitiveness, agility and entrepreneurship, interwoven with cutting-edge marketing techniques and innovation in product and partnership.

For more information on the summit see http://www.adventuretravel.biz/connect/summit/

For more information on ATTA see http://www.adventuretravel.biz/

Kind Regards,
Chris Scott
Activity Tourism Manager
Outdoor Recreation NI
02890 306 940

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