Get your staff and yourselves qualified to work as MBLA Mountain Bike leaders

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Posted on 7 November 2012 at 20:26
There is a real buzz around biking at the moment and with good reason. With a number of new permanent trail centres being completed in the new year and NITB and Outdoor NI both focusing on the potential for mountain biking in the region now is the time for clever providers to get involved.

As with many outdoor sports there is now a solid framework of NGB qualifications available within mountain biking which will both bring your staff to the standard required and also demonstrate due diligence and satisfy insurers. I make no apologies for pointing out that MTB is potentially the most dangerous outdoor sport in terms of the number and seriousness of accidents and therefore proper qualifications are essential for providers.

The MBLA scheme has been adopted and licensed by Cycling Ireland and Coaching Ireland as THE national governing body scheme. There are other schemes available but it is looking like they will be struggling for credibility long term (would you undertake a non MLTUK mountain skills qualification?).

Rock and Ride Outdoors are the only qualified providers of the MBLA scheme in Northern Ireland. We have a proven record of training individuals as well as organisations and getting them involved in the sport safely. We run Trail Cycle Leader training courses and assessments regularly from our base in the Mournes. You can book on to a public access course or if you have several staff who would like to undertake the qualification we can come to you and provide it privately (group discounts may apply).

We have a very busy Winter already planned but have one place remaining on this weekend's TCL training and are then taking bookings for January. If you would like to look at a private booking then please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

If you're interested or have any questions please contact Ian at ian@rockandrideoutdoors.com or call 07803132381.


Ian Bailey.

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