OutdoorNI.com February E-marketing Campaign

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Posted on 25 January 2013 at 15:04
OutdoorNI.com is planning its e-marketing campaign for February 2013. There are a number of important dates coming up and in order to gather content for e-marketing we are looking for:

Valentine’s Day events and Gift Vouchers

As well as a number of ezines and our Ongoing Facebook and Twitter Campaign we will also be writing the following blogs:

Valentine’s Day Blog – Promoting different ways to spend Valentine’s Day
Take on the Challenge Blog – Promoting the best challenge events taking place in 2012 – mountain marathons, sportives, challenges walks etc

To ensure you do not miss out on being involved in this marketing opportunity please upload the following by Friday 1st February:

1. Upload Events / Activity Ideas

OutdoorNI.com cannot promote your activities or related events if they are not on the website. So please spend time to ensure your details are up to date. The ‘How to get the best out of OutdoorNI.com’ User Guide is available to download from here http://forum.outdoorni.com/Thread.aspx?ID=259 . Events and Ideas that provide clear details with strong images will have a better chance of being selected to feature in e-zines and blogs.

2. Upload Gift Vouchers for Valentine’s Market

Vouchers that will work best for the Valentine’s market will be the ‘for Him’ and for ‘for Her’ activity experiences. If you are uploading a voucher ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ make sure you target the appropriate market (male or female) in the blurb and provide a suitable image for each category. I.e. a ‘for Her’ voucher should have an image of a female participating in the activity. Again the gift vouchers that follow the best practice guidelines http://forum.outdoorni.com/Thread.aspx?ID=351 will have a better chance of being selected to feature in the e-zines and blogs.

Finally, don’t forget the deadline to upload Adventureland Events is Friday 1st Feb – this time next week!

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the above please contact me:

Sarah Nelson
Marketing Executive
Outdoor Recreation NI
028 9030 6941

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