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Posted on 12 November 2013 at 10:04
Hi All,

The University of Limerick are looking for placements in the travel / tourism sector for their undergraduate marketing students. The students have a strong background in marketing communications and multimedia design and will be required to undertake an 8 month work placement. See below for more details as well as who to contact for more info.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Nelson


I am a Careers Adviser at the University of Limerick working with undergraduate students from the marketing/creative technology/social media sector to source placement opportunities under the Cooperative Education programme (Co Op). I am interested in exploring potential opportunities in the travel/tourism sector.

Students from these disciplines have a strong background in marketing communications and multimedia design and are required to undertake a compulsory 8 month Cooperative education work placement as part of their degree programme.

Year 1 of the Business Studies degree provides a common core programme ensuring a broad business education. In year 2, students choose a major option in either; risk management, accounting & finance; economics & finance; human resource management and marketing. By the time they begin their Coop, students specialising in Marketing will have studied Consumer Culture and Branding; Marketing Intelligence; Statistics; Financial Information Analysis and Marketing Communications.

Digital Media Design aims to provide students with an understanding of the human and social issues that underlie the use of digital media while also promoting expertise in the use of a variety of digital media. The skill set includes Java, SQL 3D web design. Please find below a video link to the programme profile and course content. http://www.ul.ie/courses/LM113.html

Music, Media & performance Technology is a four year degree programme that aims to equip students with production skills in a broad range of audio and video media and technology related areas. The attached 3 min video link gives an overview of the programme http://www.uliplayer.com/prospectus/lm114academic.html and the skill set available

Key Points of the Cooperative Education programme are available at http://www.ul.ie/coop/coop/employers and these include:

The placement programme is centrally managed by the Coop Division.
The Division operates an on -line CV system and supports employers at all stages in the application and interview process.
Coop is a requirement for graduation
The placement is paid and most employers outside of the Dublin area offer minimum wage.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss the Cooperative Education programme with you and would value any advice or guidance that you can give on placement opportunities in this sector. Thanks Treasa

Treasa Landers
Cooperative Education Manager, Business & Computing
Cooperative Education & Careers Division
University of Limerick
Phone: 00 353 61 202978
e-mail: treasa.landers@ul.ie

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