NITB Industry Development Programme 2013/2014

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Posted on 17 January 2014 at 13:32
Hi All,

Please see details below on upcoming NITB conferences that may be of interest.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board is delighted to confirm details for the following Industry Development Programme events. Book your places now to avoid disappointment!

NITB Customer Service Masterclass
Galgorm Resort & Spa, Ballymena
If your ultimate aim is to win the hearts of your customers then you must first understand what makes them tick. Acknowledging their cultural differences is just the first step, but actually embracing and celebrating them comes from an attitude that deeply respects and values who they are as people. This will require you to go the extra mile... and then some.
More info here: http://profiles.responsemail.co.uk/showemail.php?pf=hvmci&esid=-1&cid=522

NITB Green Tourism Masterclass
Ecos Millennium Environmental Centre, Ballymena
"Green Tourism - Making it Work" will address the 'how to' of sustainable tourism. It is designed to provide practical information which you can apply to your business or organisation in order to start improving your bottom line and green credentials.
More info here: http://profiles.responsemail.co.uk/showemail.php?pf=hvmci&esid=-1&cid=518

NITB Tourism Conference
Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD)
Hilton Templepatrick Hotel & Country Club, Templepatrick
We welcome to this year's conference all those who seek to contribute to the visitor economy, those who are passionate about building unique, inspired, visitor experiences and those who intend to grow and develop both themselves and their business. As Northern Ireland Tourism continues to develop, building on the momentum of recent years we require inspirational leadership to ensure we are up to the challenges we will face to 2020.
More info here: http://profiles.responsemail.co.uk/showemail.php?pf=hvmci&esid=-1&cid=526

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