NITB Host Roadshows to Get Businesses Ready for the Giro d'Italia

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Posted on 3 February 2014 at 11:24
The Giro d'Italia road race begins in Northern Ireland on 9 May.

NITB are holding industry events in preparation for its arrival in your locality.

What is the Giro?

The Giro d'Italia is one of the cycling world's elite and iconic events held in the same esteem as the Tour de France. It commands a huge worldwide audience and it is coming to your area!

The start of the Giro d'Italia is rarely taken outside Italy and in 2014 Northern Ireland will host The Grande Partenza or 'Big Start' - a four day celebration of elite professional cycling with three competition stages visiting Belfast, the Causeway Coast and Armagh.

Why is Northern Ireland hosting it?

The Big Start has the potential to attract 140,000 visitors of which 42,000 are expected to be from out of state. In terms of media coverage we expect that the event will be viewed by at least 800 million people worldwide. Through hosting the Giro Northern Ireland could realise a range of benefits including a significant peak in visitor numbers during the event, associated economic benefits and improved profile for Northern Ireland across Europe and around the world.

How can I get involved and bring benefit to my business?

-By attending the NITB Giro roadshow you can ensure you are up to date with what is happening and ready to make the most of it.

-Gain an insight into the Giro d’Italia and its impact locally

-Receive a toolkit packed with information and ideas to help you maximise your involvement

-Find out what is happening in your area and meet others who want to make the Giro work for their business

-Understand what is happening locally in terms of road closures, community and volunteer involvement.

When are the roadshows happening?
- 5th Feb - Ballycastle
- 6th Feb - Armagh
- 7th Feb - Belfast
- 10th Feb - Newry
- 12th Feb - Larne
- 17th Feb - Newtownabbey

For all queries please contact industry.development@nitb.com

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