Leave No Trace - Do you endorse the principles?

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chris scott
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Posted on 15 December 2008 at 18:00
The following question has arisen from the Activity Tourism Forum Membership regarding Leave No Trace.

What does an activity provider have to do to state in their promotional material that they endorse the Leave No Trace principles?

It was agreed that for an organisation/shop/business to state that they ‘endorse’ the principles of Leave No Trace, they must be an official partner of Leave No Trace Ireland (i.e. supporting it financially – see partnership structure).

If an organisation/business etc. has at least 1 member of staff trained as a Leave No Trace trainer and intends to integrate the principles into their existing programmes/courses and if applicable roll out to other staff through an awareness session they can state that they ‘practice’ the Leave No Trace principles.

For more information see www.leavenotraceireland.org/Partners.aspx

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact:

Beverley Pierson
Leave No Trace Project Officer
02890 303 930

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