OutdoorNI Takeover on Discover Northern Ireland

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Posted on 17 July 2014 at 14:09
Please note: The date of the OutdoorNI takeover on Discover Northern Ireland has been postponed until w/c 28/07/14

As previously communicated, during this takeover week Discover Northern Ireland will post every day about different outdoor activities/events in Northern Ireland, share blogs etc to create a buzz about all the different outdoor activity opportunities available across Northern Ireland.

How you can get involved:

In order to make the most of this promotional opportunity OutdoorNI and Discover Northern Ireland are asking all activity providers to regularly post live updates on Facebook and Twitter on Wed 30th & Thursday 31st July showcasing what’s going on across the country.

Make sure to post/tweet between the hours of 9am and 3pm tagging @DiscoverNorthernIreland and using #OutdoorNI for your chance to have your posts shared with Discover Northern Ireland’s 111,632 Facebook fans and 29,800 Twitter followers as well as OutdoorNI’s social media followers (7,849).

The aim of these posts is to give a flavour of all the different activities that are happening throughout Northern Ireland to inspire others to have a go. Posting or tweeting pictures of your activities in action will work best as research has shown strong images have the most chance of being engaged with and shared by others.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get coverage for your company however will only work if you engage on the day. Don’t forget to share and retweet each others posts as the more each of us get behind the tweets and share with our own followers the more beneficial it will be for the industry as a collective.

OutdoorNI Ezine/Website Competition

Thank you to all those who submitted prizes for the OutdoorNI Ezine/Website Competitions. We have had some great offerings and have selected the competition for the Discover Northern Ireland takeover however it is still not too late to submit prizes for the OutdoorNI Ezine/Website competition. The deadline has been extended until Wed 30th July for those who would still like to get involved.

The details of the competition are as follows:
•Prizes must have a retail value of over £150
•All prizes must be from appropriately accredited providers
•The prize must be valid for 2 or more people
•These prizes will be promoted to OutdoorNI.com web visitors (average 14,351 per month) and OutdoorNI.com – e-zine subscribers 10,000 +
•The website URL of the company offering the prize will be included in at least 2 e-zines promoting the prize
•The logo and website of the company offering the prize will also be included on the OutdoorNI.com Competition page
•OutdoorNI.com may also use this prize in other online and offline media outlets if the opportunity arises

If you would like to avail of this great marketing opportunity please send any prize offers to Sarah Nelson s.nelson@outdoorrecreationni.com by Wed 30th July and include the following:

•Name of prize
•Brief description of prize
•Retail Value
•Suitability – any age, weight, height, ability restrictions

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