OutdoorNI Takeover on Discover Northern Ireland This Week

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Posted on 28 July 2014 at 12:18
The OutdoorNI takeover on Discover Northern Ireland takes place this week.

Don’t forget to get involved in the campaign on facebook and twitter::

• When to Post:
Wed 30th & Thursday 31st July between the hours of 9am and 3pm

• What to Post:
Post or tweet pictures of your activities in action, what you are up to on the day or any offers or hooks you want to promote. Research has shown strong images have a better chance of being engaged with and shared by others.

• Who to Tag:
Tag @DiscoverNorthernIreland and use the hashtag #OutdoorNI for your chance to be retweeted/shared (149,200+ social media followers)

Discover Northern Ireland will then retweet/share appropriately accredited providers to their social media followers (111,632 Facebook fans and 29,800 Twitter followers) as will OutdoorNI (7,849).

This is a fantastic opportunity to get coverage for your company however will only work if you engage on the day. Don’t forget to share and retweet each others posts as the more each of us get behind the tweets and share with our own followers the more beneficial it will be for the industry as a collective.

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