Note's from AAIAC Meeting 13th May 2009

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chris scott
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Posted on 14 May 2009 at 11:39
Hi All,

Please find notes of relevant points from May's Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee meeting provided by:

Mike McClure | Countryside Recreation Officer |Sport Northern Ireland
House of Sport | Upper Malone Road | Belfast BT9 5LA
t: 02890 383855 | m: 07976 468914
e: mikemcclure@sportni.net | w: www.sportni.net

AAIAC Meeting Notes 13th May 2009.

1. The Adventure Industry Mutual Insurance has been established with a number of aims – but primarily to provide an 'at cost' alternative to the retail insurance market. Well worth looking at http://www.activitiesindustrymutual.co.uk

2. A working group has been established facilitated by the RNLI but linked to the National Beach Safety Guidance Council on Coasteering and tombstoning. I have been in touch with Maritime Coastguard Agency in Bangor – but they are not aware of the working group. I have requested the meeting notes / minutes of the working group to be sent to me – so will disseminate any information as necessary once I get them.

3. Fatal Accident in boating incident in Uist – Scotland. As you may be aware there was a drowning of an army cadet student following a powerboat capsize. The report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch makes very sobering reading especially the conclusions – Section 3 http://www.maib.gov.uk/cms_resources/RigidRaider.pdf

4. There have been a few incidents with Auto descenders – which seem to be attributable to lack of maintenance and very high usage. It is understood that the relevant manufacturer has contacted all the known users to have the devices recalled for inspection and servicing. I have requested that HSE provide the name of the manufacturer for these devices. However, a regular and recorded service regime is important for any centre or provider using these.

Mike McClure
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