Changes to OutdoorNI Activity Experience Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

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Posted on 12 October 2015 at 11:21
Outdoor Recreation NI has carried out a review of its Activity Experience Gift Vouchers section within the consumer website OutdoorNI.com. The key catalyst for this review was the significant reduction in funding from our external funders.

As a consequence, Outdoor Recreation NI will be increasing the commission rate on all gift voucher experiences sold via OutdoorNI.com from 1st Nov 2015 (please see updated T&Cs (Appendix 2) which can be downloaded from link at bottom).

Since inception in November 2011 the commission rate (including both PayPal and OutdoorNI commission) for the vouchers has remained the same year on year (13% + 20p per transaction) however this will now be increasing to 21% + 20p per transaction.

The Activity Experience Gift Voucher initiative has proved very successful over the past few years selling over £121,800 worth of gift vouchers for the activity tourism industry in Northern Ireland. As the commission has not increased for the last 4 years we feel that the new rate is reasonable given the current level of service provided:

Sales Guidance – The OutdoorNI.com marketing team offer marketing advice to ensure you can maximise the sales potential of your vouchers

Promotion – OutdoorNI.com deliver e-marketing and social media campaigns to promote your vouchers

E-commerce Platform – OutdoorNI.com’s e-commerce platform allows you to sell gift experiences online without the significant set up costs of establishing this on your own website

Customer Support – The OutdoorNI.com team handles customer enquiries on activity experiences and the purchasing process.

Professionally designed gift voucher – OutdoorNI.com produces a professionally designed gift voucher to ensure a strong portrayal of your activity experience and business. The gift voucher is accompanied by other key information to allow them to make the booking.

Administration – The OutdoorNI.com marketing team print and post each bespoke voucher and also administer monthly payments to suppliers.

It is also worth noting that the following is now included in the Activity Provider terms and conditions:

If a customer complaint results in the request for a refund, I understand that the request will be made directly to me as the activity provider offering the activity experience. The issuing of a refund will be at my discretion. I will also be responsible for processing this refund. OutdoorNI.com will only be liable to refund the commission it has received from the purchase of the gift experience voucher.

Next Steps

Given the current success of the initiative, we hope you will continue to remain part of the campaign.

If you wish to continue – NO ACTION IS REQUIRED – however it would be prudent to review your vouchers before the key November / December sales period.

The selling of gift vouchers on OutdoorNI.com remains optional so if you DO NOT wish to continue selling your experiences via OutdoorNI simply remove your gift voucher offering via your trade account.

• Log into your trade account via http://trade.outdoorni.com/Login.aspx
• Select ‘My Gift Vouchers’
• View/Edit Gift Vouchers
• Delete Voucher

If you have any questions or queries regarding the gift vouchers, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Nelson
Marketing Officer
Direct Line: 02890306942
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